Trying to avoid talking about The “C” Word

The “C” word in Golf

It seems like months ago, the glorious fairways were providing a welcome blissful distraction from the relentless bombardment from media and social interference reminding us of our impending doom. Vital Golf Therapy, both psychological and physical provided by the local golf course becalms rather difficult especially when you have limited mobility

For obvious reasons and perhaps some not so obvious golf carts and buggies are not the best friends of Green-Keepers as they face their daily battle against the elements to provide the finest workmanship on their hallowed turf. This means Disabled Golfers like myself must sit out competitions, activities and social games, staying indoors annoying the Wife and generally interfering with the domestic bliss.

Armchair Winter Golf

So, to keep my sanity and lessen the chances of mortal injury from said wife with a knitting needle, I contemplate my purpose in life once again. At least I know now my theory on treating Golf like a therapy for the soul, health and spirit therefore, I must venture back into my idea of assembling a local group of like-minded volunteers to spread the word of the ever-growing support there is out there for wanna-be golfers like myself to feel the pulse of the greens and fresh air tonic which is more accessible than one might think?

I’ve been finding it difficult to play the course in the winter. Keeping to cart paths adds an immense difficulty in navigating around. Murphy’s law demands if the ball goes to the left, the cart path tends to be on the right and vice versa. Not much of an issue for most but physically exhausting to the lesser mobile so weeks of golf are kyboshed, but hey… This is England right?

2 Holes 2 Blokes 2 Balls ONE LEG Priceless

Through 2019-20 I laid the foundations for a new disabled golf society #NWDGAuk (North West Disabled Golf Association) with the aim of providing a hub and meets throughout the year in the North West UK with days out at sensible affordable prices. Other similar groups have become very expensive, so justifying £50+ for a golf day is a complete non-starter if, like me, on an extremely limited budget. I believe it’s possible to keep the budget to a more sensible £20-25ish which is, Par for the Course (Pun intended)

Sadly, the “C” word laid the plans bare and moth-balled the project. to be further pushed into the aether as my personal mental health took a battering from a world fixated on the principle of ceasing living for the fear of dying! So if you are reading this and feel you could bring something to the party, these things are better accomplished in numbers. Suggestions, tips offers of assistance would be greatly appreciated. Get in touch… Neil

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