Eyes Wide Open

My perspective on life has changed to one of self-preservation. Maintaining good health and learning subjects seldom ventured in years gone by has become the foundation of my positivity.
The 2022-2022 ‘Plandemic’ debacle has focused my attention on seeking the truth hidden among layers of lies and has opened my eyes to knowledge and information one previously would have dispelled (as my Dad would have said) as Poppycock. Mid-2022 reveals that some of the once-believed propaganda fed to the population was less than honest at best. Fair-weather FB Friends and family are lost behind a wall of cognitive dissonance so I have decided to publish some of the important articles I believe to be informative here on my site.
To those amongst the lost friends list, my intention in sharing past info was to preserve your existence and no malice was ever intended. It’s “every man for himself” now. All I can advise is to keep an open mind to the truth, which at times is beyond belief and difficult to accept


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