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Diabetes Burnout

I’ve never heard the term ‘Diabetic Burnout’ before and I recognise it as a condition which affects me regularly, as do probably every other diabetic worldwide too.

Take a look at the article below which has some interesting observations and tips

This is certainly something I need to follow, as I’m easily tempted by my remaining VICE’s… Digestives, Cup o’Coccoa and the occasional Slice of cake… “The decades of ‘Rock & Roll Lifestyle‘ have taken their toll, hey, but would I do it all again?…


Here’s the link to the main article

It’s a never-ending battle each of us address every day. All the books, websites, leaflets etc, never seem to help when you are low, when self-discipline is at it’s weakest. It’s something which inevitably led to my situation, hence my ongoing search for a solution goes on. Sharing these experiences can only help to discover how others have conquered the temptations, so I invite comments and suggestions to pass on to others like myself.

Here’s the link to the main article

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