Neil Davies

Neil Davies

At 55, I'm trying to live every day of my life as it were my last. 2015, I lost both legs below the knee through, among other things, poor diabetic control. I was one of the lucky ones who survived this underestimated condition; therefore I have a focused appreciation for my existence so as a healthy tea-total dynamic man of the soil, I have discovered what can be possible in this world, despite disability and daily obstacles. so my mission continues to achieve new heights, new self-discovery and maybe inspire a few smiles along the way

Eyes Wide Open

My perspective on life has changed to one of self-preservation. Maintaining good health and learning subjects seldom ventured in years gone by has become the foundation of my positivity. The 2022-2022 ‘Plandemic’ debacle has focused my attention on seeking the…

Trying to avoid talking about The “C” Word

It seems like months ago, the glorious fairways were providing a welcome blissful distraction from the relentless bombardment from media and social interference reminding us of our impending doom. Vital Golf Therapy, both psychological and physical provided by the local…