Learned a New Skill…. #whosaysyoucan’t


Learned a New Skill…. #whosaysyoucan’t

I have burned the Midnight-Oil through this last week. Locked myself away in my Laboratory (spare room) and put around 60 hours into learning the skill of Video Editing and made a short film, which I’d like to share with you.

I hope to make more, now I know how to it, so I may demonstrate there is a positive side to life, regardless of the obstacles we face as disabled individuals

Michael Jackson premiered his Thriller video on the 17th May 1983 on the BBC. They even delayed the news for the nation as it was deemed to be so important, but don’t despair… I won’t as the BBC to follow suit for my first premiere.

All complaints, send them to Channel 4, but if it’s ok, please like and share and I’ll come up with some ideas for more.

Anyone reading this who’d like to try the game with, like me, a rubbish Golfer, drop me a line and join our soon to be announced group. Neil

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