About Me

About Me

I’m Neil, a regular working class guy from the North West, whom, having raised a family, lived through the 70’s 80’s 90’s+ and survived to tell a story, I hope to offer an insight into the trials and tribulations of living in England with an obvious disability and the difficulties faced in ever-day life.

In 2014, my life hung in the balance and in 2015 I became a Double Below Knee Amputee (Bi-Lateral). Having been spared from the grim reapers clutches, I embraced the second chance I’d been gifted and decided to clean up my act and stay alive for as long as I can while by being active, positive and most of all, listening to the medical professionals, who really do know what they’re talking about.


In 2005, I was diagnosed with the most misunderstood, underestimated threat to life which, like most naive uninformed adults, I chose to ignore and treat with utter contempt. I mean, Nothing would happen to me now…..Would it. I was Bulletproof (or so I thought)

So, through my late thirties and forties, I parted like it was 1999, contributed heavily to the business survival of many local pubs and take away’s, and generally did the bare minimum when it came to looking after myself. Before I knew what was happening, I was alcohol dependant and my health began to fail.

Despite a poor outlook and first class care from NHS in Wythenshawe, I avoided the clutches of The Reaper, so I now practice clean living, healthy pursuits and enjoy every day as if its my last.

It’s quite surprising how much clearer your perspective becomes, once the threat of losing everything has passed. The true values in life reveal themselves to you and money doesn’t come into the equation.

My advice is don’t wait until it’s too late to search for these values now. Find your true purpose, find yourself and live your life like you stole it!.




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