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My name is Neil Davies and thank you for dropping by.

At 55, I’m living every day of my life like it’s my last. 2015, I lost both legs below the knee through illness which nearly ended everything.  Against the odds, I was dealt a rare gift of a second chance at life, so trust me when I say “Life IS too short”..it really can be!

I’m an avid Golf enthusiast, ‘free-thinker’,  and extreme optimist.  Charity volunteer & support worker. England Golf Community Champion, EDGA volunteer.
Founder of 

North West Disabled Golf Association #NWDGAuk

Warrington Wired Amputees Support Group #WiredAmputees

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Some of my favorite moments (Post Modification)

Friends and support & Partners

These organisations have been instrumental in my recovery and subsequent charity work, and for believing in me when I needed it most

   Thank You All

Neil Davies aka #TwoPinzGolfer Bi Lateral BK Amputee


Lightning can strike anywhere and with no warning. I learned the harsh cruelty of this as living with Diabetes, Alcoholism and Ignorance, I came too close to losing my life in 2015 after suffering numerous medical problems, aggravated by my lethargic lifestyle culminating in the amputation of both my legs below the knee, rendering my life not worth living. Or so I then believed.

Little did I know, I was about to really start living…

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