My Story

Living with Amputation

My continuing journey & adventures since becoming a Bi-Lateral Amputee in 2015.
It seems a lifetime since my modifications and these days, I see myself as a regular able-bodied individual and rarely give a second thought to my disability, however, as each year passes, the personal battles rage on in a world changing too fast.
Life throws unexpected curve-balls at you sometimes, it’s at these times I so far, appear to find the strength to surpass the obstacle and continue the journey of life.
I hope sharing these occasions and how I dealt with them helps the reader in some way when it comes to their particular insurmountable task.

Who Says You Can't?

“In sharing my experiences and stories of how Amputation has changed my life for the better, I hope to offer hope to those who have not yet found their full potential and offer a guiding hand along lifes darker days”


Treading water with no legs

Treading water with no legs

Or that’s how it feels some days? It seems an age ago the warm summer days were here and newfound freedoms were teasing us all as we eased out of dystopian, oppressive 18 months. However…

Eyes Wide Open

My perspective on life has changed to one of self-preservation. Maintaining good health and learning subjects seldom ventured in years gone by has become the foundation of my positivity. The 2022-2022 ‘Plandemic’ debacle has focused my attention on seeking the truth hidden among layers of lies and has opened my eyes to knowledge and information one previously would have dispelled (as my Dad would have said) as Poppycock. Mid-2022 reveals that some of the once-believed propaganda fed to the population was less than honest at best. Fair-weather FB Friends and family are lost behind a wall of cognitive dissonance so…

Trying to avoid talking about The “C” Word

It seems like months ago, the glorious fairways were providing a welcome blissful distraction from the relentless bombardment from media and social interference reminding us of our impending doom. Vital Golf Therapy, both psychological and physical provided by the local golf course becalms rather difficult especially when you have limited mobility For obvious reasons and perhaps some not so obvious golf carts and buggies are not the best friends of Green-Keepers as they face their daily battle against the elements to provide the finest workmanship on their hallowed turf. This means Disabled Golfers like myself must sit out competitions, activities…